Cookies policy

Cookies usage policy

Our website as well as many other websites uses cookies to ensure an uninterrupted and effective operation of the website and to guarantee the user a possibility of a personalized internet usage.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, transferred into a browser of a user’s computer or a mobile device (tablet, telephone) from visited websites. They contain some information on the Internet usage. Due to the cookies, a website saves information on user’s actions and preferences (for example, login, language, text size and other browsing settings), this way user will not have to set them every time visiting a website or changing pages. In this case visiting a website becomes more convenient and accessible.

What cookie types do we use?


Our website uses technical cookies, built in and used directly by a website of a first party (that is without a third party involvement) with a single purpose – to transfer a message via an electronic web or in the amount strictly necessary for a service provider of a data provider for providing such a service with a user’s explicit inquiry. Technical cookies are not used for any other purposes.

Session cookies

These cookies are considered to be necessary due to a fact that they allow a website to run uninterrupted. For example, they maintain a connection during the internet usage, excluding repeated website requests to connect while changing pages or allow authorization in order to reach sections with a limited access.

Functional cookies

These cookies allow remembering user’s choice during internet usage, for example, language, geographical preference and other.


Analytical cookies

Apart from this, for statistical purposes only, our website uses analytical cookies, developed and provided by a third party. More specifically, we use the Google Analytics service to monitor visits. Analytical cookies help us understand how exactly our website is used. Information that is being analysed accumulatively and anonymously allows, for example, learning which website sections the visitors are most interested in, how many users visit our website in a day and from what type of a device they access it (computer, tablet, telephone). For further information see

How to manage cookies?

The cookies may be disabled at any moment by changing the Safety and Confidentiality browser settings. However, this action may limit some functions, provided by the website.

For further information see the instructions for use of the browser.

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