Declaration on the protection of personal data of applicants

The company guarantees the protection of the rights and freedoms of the applicants in the processing of their personal data, including protection of the rights to privacy, the personal and the family privacy, and the compliance with the existing national legislation on the protection of personal data.

The company receives personal data provided voluntarily by an applicant, necessary to obtain the services for the preparation and processing of documents for consideration by the consular institution of the Russian Federation.

In determining the scope and the content of personal data the Company is guided by the reasonable necessity, as well as the purposes of processing based on the national legislation on personal data protection.

The personal data subject is a natural person who, directly or indirectly, is or can be identified using personal data.

Personal data is any information relating to a directly or indirectly identified or identifiable natural person (the personal data subject).

Personal data processing

Personal data processing is carried out only with the consent of a personal data subject or on other legal grounds. Personal data processing is carried out only for purposes related to the provision of the requested services of the documents preparation and processing for consideration by the Russian Federation Consular institution.

Personal data processing that is incompatible with the purpose of the personal data collection is not allowed.

The personal data processing is understood as any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed with the personal data by or without automated means, including the collection, recording, accumulation, storage, refinement (update, change), use , transfer, depersonalization, blocking, deletion and destruction of personal data.

Terms of storage of personal data are determined by the provisions of national legislation in the field of personal data protection.

Personal data protection

The personal data protection is an obligatory rule of the Company.

To achieve this, access to personal data is strictly regulated, protected by modern hardware and software against an unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, disclosure, distribution of personal data, as well as other illegal actions.

The Company ensures the personal data confidentiality and shall not permit its distribution without the consent of a personal data subject.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

Personal data may be disclosed to third parties solely for purposes related to the provision of the requested services with the consent of the personal data subject.

Personal data is disclosed by the Company in compliance with the confidentiality; personal data is not disclosed to third parties not connected to the provision of services necessary to a personal data subject.

If the Company with the consent of a personal data subject appoints another person under a contract to process personal data, the responsibility for the safety of personal data is born by the Company.

Provision of personal information

At a personal applicant’s request the Company provides information about all stored personal data of the applicant. Personal data is not provided at a request of legal representatives or a person with a power of attorney of the personal data subject.