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Welcome to the website of the Russian Visa Office in Hungary!

The Russian Visa Office was opened in order to improve the service quality for the citizens of Hungary, citizens of other countries and people without citizenship wishing to obtain a visa to the Russian Federation.

The Russian Visa Office’s main priority is the facilitation and acceleration of a Russian visa processing procedure.

Operators of the Visa Office will consult you on any issues regarding a Russian visa processing, will help you fill in a visa application form, will accept and process the submitted documentation package and will submit it to the Consular department of the Embassy or Consulate General of the Russian Federation.

Please note, the Visa Office fulfils service functions. The decisions on issuing or declining to issue a visa are made by the Russian consular institution!

After the Embassy or Consulate General of the Russian Federation decides to issue a visa, you will be able to receive prepared documents in the Visa Office.

A multi-channel call-centre is opened in order to answer your questions.

One can book an appointment independently either via the Visa Office’s website or by visiting the Visa Office in person.

The Russian Visa Office will give you support as well as provide comfort and convenience during a visa processing into the Russian Federation.

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